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Hands & Feet


Polish –  Perfect nail polish application/ $15

File & Polish –  nail shape & shine/cuticle tidy/perfect polish/$25

Mini Manicure nail shape & shine/cuticle treatment & tidy/ indulgent massage/perfect polish/$45

Indulgent Manicurenail shape & shine /cuticle treatment & tidy/ milk & honey exfoliation/deep dermal infusion mask /massage and perfect polish/$70

Mini Pedicurenail shape & shine/ heel buff/ heel treatment/ cuticle treatment & tidy/indulgent massage finished off with a perfect polish/$55

Indulgent PedicureAromatic foot soak/ milk and honey exfoliation/ heel buff & peeling treatment for calluses & cracks/ nail shape & shine/ cuticle treatment & tidy/deep dermal infusion Mask/ indulgent massage/ perfect polish/$80**

Gel Polish For the beauty that has strong and durable natural nails that want a layer of protection. Gel polish is similar to a nail polish; it is cured under a UV lamp and is instantly dry. Typically, this will last for 7-10days. $40
Upgrades –

Gel Polish with Manicure or PedicureLong lasting and instantly dry Gel Polish that will last 7-14 days. From $15  

French Polish$10              

Foot Buff & Hydration Treat your feet with a heel peel & buff to remove hardened skin, followed by an indulgent massage -$30  

Hand & Feet Treat Indulgent pedicure combined with Gel polish application on hands and feet/$119**

Gel Nail EnhancementsEnhance your natural nails with an overlay or add some length with tips. Our non-toxic hypoallergenic hard gels are durable, flexible and gentle on natural nails. Refills are valid for 3-4 weeks growth/basic nail art is included on 2 nails per hand/Nail art is from $5/ Gel Nails from $50