How to treat Cellulite

How to Minimise Cellulite!



Cellulite is a essentially a build up of adipose tissue that sits in a different area than normal fatty tissue. This means it is more visable and often times can be painful as it sits very close to nerve endings. 1)


Cellulite is a tricky condition with many possible factors that can cause it to appear. “It is thought that cellulite begins when an accumulation of swollen fat cells develops. The swollen fat cells press on the connective fibers that surround them. Then connective fibers bend and pull the skin downward to which they are connected. The result of these conditions is a Abigail puckered look on the surface of the skin, which we cheap nfl jerseys call the “dreaded” cellulite. “ In some cases it can be genetic or due to other undi- agnosed conditions.


Diet cheap mlb jerseys and exercise can affect cellulite, although minimally. It is true that if you gain weight, your paying cellulite may be Begins more appar- ent, but diet and exercise alone does not seem to remedy the

appearance of cellulite. It does seem, however that a diet high in fiber combined with lots of fluids will help flush the system.

The lymphatic system Post is the key the controlling the on set of cellulite. STIMULATE THE AREA! Massaging the area and regular exfoliation to stimulate Lymphatic flow will help with the over- all appearance of Cellulite. There is also some amazing cavita- tion treatments available that effectively penetrate the fatty tissue and dissolve the deposits.



The best way to eliminate this nasty condition is through at home maintenance. Stimulating the lymphatic flow via exfolia- tion will do wonders wholesale mlb jerseys for your skin and body. Internally your wholesale nba jerseys are moving lymph fluid which caries our toxins and unwanted free radicals. This in itself is said to have an effect on overall health and detoxification of the body. Externally you are stimulating blood circulation and renewal of skin cells which is an amazing skin re-firmer and will prevent your skin from aging quicker. So in short perform lymphatic dry body brushing or exfolaiton 2-3 times a week tan on the effected area. Then apply a draining Gel to continue to stimulate lymphatic flow and decrease swelling in the area daily. If you want to eradicate cellulite and hit it with the big guns we recommend seeing the lovely ladies at FERN- WOOD wholesale nba jerseys CAPALABA for a Cell-IQ session . Happy Exfoliating !

Gloss Beauties xx

How to Dry Body Brush /Exfoliate


You Will Need :
– soft dry brush
 Dead Sea Salt and Sweet Almond Oil

Start working in circular motions from ????????.. the ankle up towards the in- side of your leg and then repeat to the outer side. Focusing a few minutes in the problem areas to breakdown fatty tissue. Continue working up the body in circular motions working towards the lymph nodes. Finish off applying a draining cream or body mask! Easy as and your skin will smarter. be thanking you!